About Forenscope

Innovator in the fields of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine

Our Mission

In the area of evidence-based Forensic Science, to support the determination of crimes with the help of the fast and high quality multispectral imaging.

Our Goal

To contribute innovative ideas mainly in Medical Screening area and to help in saving lives by early diagnosis of malignant diseases.


About Forenscope

The world’s first “mobile multispectral imaging technology”. ForenScope’s international commercial activities are being carried out by Grimed and Forenscope Ltd in Hong Kong.

Forenscope is a research and development company that remains tightly focused on software and hardware technologies for forensic imaging, early diagnosis systems for gynecological cancers and skin cancers, skin-hair analysis systems, aesthetic after-before imaging systems, mobile microscopic quality control systems. Forenscope has been dedicated to incredible inventions and innovations that will shape our future and after years of hard work, Forenscope has become the first inventor of ForenScope Multispectral Tablet, the world’s first ‘mobile multispectral imaging technology’ by 2009.

Forenscope makes positive impact on many areas of our life with R&D studies while expanding strategic partnerships in various countries that include the UK, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. All of these Scientific Researches are carried out by Institutions and Organizations which are leaders of their own field of study with many Professors and Instructors who work voluntarily.

FORENSCOPE invented first device changeable multispectral imaging technology by focusing the innovations in the fields of smartphone and tablet- computing developments with its experience from R&D activities. By manufacturing Forenscope, represents innovations in many fields with its global distributors in many fields mainly mobile health imaging systems, mobile education imaging systems and mobile imaging control systems.