About Forenscope

Innovator in the fields of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine

Our Mission

Supporting law enforcement, intergovernmental agencies, forensic science and forensic medicine professionals, forensic laboratories while continually advancing the technology available through R&D.


About Forenscope

The world’s first “mobile multispectral imaging technology”. Forenscope’s international commercial activities are being carried out by Forenscope Europe in Holland, Forenscope Scientific in Turkey, Grimed and Forenscope Ltd in Hong Kong.

Forenscope is a research and development company that is highly focused on hardware and software technologies for forensic imaging, Forenscope started its journey with research on early diagnosis systems then carried out the knowledge and experience into the forensic science and forensic medicine fields. After years of hard work and continued innovation in the forensic field, Forenscope has become the inventor of mobile multispectral imaging systems and created the Forenscope Multispectral Tablet, the world’s first mobile multispectral imaging technology in 2013.

Forenscope has made a positive impact on many areas of life with R&D studies, while also expanding strategic partnerships all over the world. All of the scientific research is carried out by institutions and organizations that are leaders of their own field of study with many professors and instructors. Forenscope is dedicated to utilizing innovative technologies to create unique products that will help shape the future of forensics.