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New Research on Evaluating Semen Stains Using Forensic Imaging Technology

Evaluating the persistence of laundered semen stains on fabric using a forensic light source system, prostate-specific antigen Semiquant test and DNA recovery-profiling Sukriye Karadayi1 , Elnaz Moshfeghi2, Tulin Arasoglu2 and Beytullah Karadayi3Medicine, Science and the Law 0(0) 1–9The Author(s) 2020โ€จArticle reuse guidelines: sa..

Anogenital Examination

Anogenital Examination All skin surfaces of the victim should be examined and the lesions that may occur during the attack should be determined. In cases where genital lesions are absent or ambiguous, lesions detected in the body can be an important evidence of sexual assault. Before any examination of the lesions, samples should be taken wi..

Smart Sperm Detection

In cases of sexual assault, the evidence needs to be gathered and documented perfectly. This evidence may be such as injuries on the victim's body, bite marks, blood, sputum, semen or other biological debris (such as clothing, menstrual pads, napkins, condoms) and hymen injuries. It would be appropriate to do these procedures during a single..

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