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Bite Marks and Kiss Marks

Bite Marks and Kiss Marks Bite and kiss marks occurred primarily in sex-related crimes, child abuse cases, and cases involving other types of physical altercations. These marks are common in sexual assaults, and it is important to measure and photograph them carefully to allow matching or exclusion of the teeth of the alleged assailant. In a..

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Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing Forensic Nursing is defined as the practice of nursing for the application of forensic health care in the scientific investigation of forensic cases. Forensic nurses are both members of the healthcare team and one of the staff who supports while resolving forensic cases. The working areas of forensic nurses include interpers..

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Anogenital Examination

Anogenital Examination All skin surfaces of the victim should be examined and the lesions that may occur during the attack should be determined. In cases where genital lesions are absent or ambiguous, lesions detected in the body can be important evidence of sexual assault. Before any examination of the lesions, samples should be taken with ..

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