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Crime Prevention International Conference 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates!

Forenscope’s newly launched revolutionary CSI Smartphone and Patrol Smartphone were unveiled yet again in the Crime Prevention International Conference 2019 in Dubai, UAE!

Field professionals were impressed by how such powerful technology can fit in such portable devices that are able to significantly ease the fingerprint evidence detection process and turn it into only a one-person job. Both smartphones are designed for contactless detection of fingerprints with any powder and the CSI Smartphone can further detect body fluids; which makes them perfect for Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine.

We also showcased our Mobile Multispectral Forensic tablet; which detects invisible evidence; namely Blood, GSR and Body Fluids. Its strong software comes with a remarkable ability to detect evidence on different materials through different time intervals. Moreover, we conducted live demonstrations for our 4K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet. It is 100% contactless; preventing the possibility of contaminating or destroying delicate DNA evidence in fingerprints.

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