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Forenscope’s latest products were showcased during a webinar

Forenscope’s unique, innovative and first of its kind handheld 4K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet for fingerprint evidence collection were showcase at the second session of ICFSA WEBINAR SERIES 2020 organized by the Indian Criminology & Forensic Science Association to 200 attendees. The essential of the device was presented as a case study showing how to achieve an environmental friendly, fast & contactless fingerprint imaging with zero effect on the fingerprint itself allowing it to be used for DNA analyzes.

Forenscope India Exclusive Distributor addressed the issue of evidence quality, presenting how the problematic situations occur when the examiner use fingerprint powder, chemicals, smoke or respirable dust on the fingerprint and how important to collect the digital evidence from the crime scene.

As Forenscope, we would like to extend thanks to our Distributor for the opportunity and to all attendees who invested their time to check out our devices.

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