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ForenScope Technologies Presented at The Military Police of Paraná State in Brazil

Military Police of Paraná State uses Forenscope Technologies!

Demonstration of the unique Forescope devices to Police of Paraná. Forenscope Multispectral Technologies such as;

- CSI PRO Smartphone,
- Mobile Multispectral Fingerprint Detection Set; 4K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet & Contactless Fingerprint

- Mobile Multispectral Forensic Tablet

All Forenscope devices are designed for crime scene investigation & evidence searching.

Forenscope allows contactless imaging of the latent fingerprints(without powder or dye), which is one of the crucial evidences in crime scene investigation. It enables the detection, imaging, and photographing of biological evidences such as blood and other body fluids and other traces and stains.

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