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We were featured in Evidência Magazine!

We’re delighted to be featured on the August 2020 issue of Evidência Magazine in Brazil, one of the leading magazines in forensic sciences in Brazil!

✏️ This article talks about how IIFP - Identification Institute Felix Pacheco in Brazil utilizes our 4K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet at real-life crime scenes and how it improves and innovates their daily processes. This device is capable of detecting fingerprints without the traditional methods of using powders and chemicals which proved to be very effective on different types of cases like burglary, kidnapping and break-ins on all different surfaces like glass or uneven walls. The IIFP officers prefer to use high-tech Forenscope devices instead of traditional techniques due to the ease-of-use, cost-cutting and mobility advantages they provide!

🇧🇷 A copy of the article can be found on this link in Portuguese.

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