Why is it an Important part of our Innovations?

Standard cameras used in daily life operate at wavelengths between 400-700 nm. Wavelengths above 700 nm cannot be seen by the human eye. Wavelengths beyond the limits of standard cameras and human eye are still very crucial for forensic research. The UV (UVA-UVB-UVC) / VIS / NIR spectral range can reveal vast amount of data in the field of forensic sciences and forensic medicine both for evidence collection and research.

UV (~254 nm) can be utilized to reveal certain evidences such as: counterfeit documents and money, fingerprints, semen, blood, sweat, dandruff, etc.

IR (~~1.050 nm) is capable of revealing certain evidences such as: identification of different types of inks, sweat, hair, fibers, chemicals, semen and blood.