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Why is Documentation Necessary in Artworks?

Why is Documentation Necessary in Artworks? Every work of art is unique with its production technique, materials used, and aesthetic features. It reflects the characteristics of the period it was produced and has a document value with this feature. Artworks are threatened by natural hazards, vandalism, aging, etc. For this reason, detailed d..

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Touch DNA on Knife

Touch DNA on Knife The manner of injury may be a clue to the blade used for stab wounds and to the nature of the attack. For example, a cutting action can cause long but superficial cuts, while a deep puncture wound with a stud can result. A forensic investigator can measure the timing of the dashes to determine which impact killed the victi..

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Wildlife Forensics

Wildlife Forensics Wildlife forensics is the application of science to legal cases involving wildlife. This field uses scientific procedures to investigate wildlife-related crimes, including the exotic pet trade, poaching, other illegal hunting activities, and even oil spills. Wildlife crime is a current global problem due to the illegal..

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