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100% Imágenes de huellas dactilares latentes sin contacto!

Meet the game-changer! New generation forensic technology is expanding at a remarkable speed! Meet 3200 DPI and above! We are excited to introduce to you our new cutting-edge technology product: The World's First Mobile 200-1100nm Multispectral Contactless Fingerprint Tablet &quo..

Advanced Fingerprint Capture

Mobile Multispectral Tablet and High Optical Magnification Micro Lens captured a latent fingerprint on the banknote with 13MP of resolution. The ForenScope team has a calculated close-up of the PPI and the result is more than 3,000 PPI. This 13MP image has been captured with ForenScope Mobile Multispectral Tablet and High Optical..

Ventajas de usar un colposcopio polarizado forense para examinar casos relacionados con violaciones y agresiones sexuales

Advantages of Using a Forensic Polarized Colposcope for Examining Rape and Sexual Assault Related Cases Proper collection and documentation of evidence in rape and sexual assault cases flawlessly. Forensic evidences, such as identified injuries, blood, sputum and semen. attacker. To prevent loss of evidence, confusion and further t..