CSI Pro Smartphone

The power of a crime lab in the palm of your hand

CSI Pro Smartphone detects any body fluid, fiber, fingerprints with any powder on various surfaces. This super-lightweight device with an impressive detection capacity will be your sidekick at the crime scene.

In the Bag:
  • CSI Pro Smartphone
  • Case Management App
  • Darkroom Photoscale Cap
  • Type-C Cable & Adaptor
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • User Guide

This revolutionary device uses Forenscope’s mobile multispectral technology for evidence searching. It is used for contactless detection of fingerprints with any powder and is able to examine body fluids (semen, saliva, urine, etc.)

System Features

Fully customized 6”
Forenscope Smartphone

Internal Forensic
Control Software

UV (UVA) VIS and Polarizer
High Resolution Multispectral Camera

RAW :15.4 MB, 4030x 3015
JPEG : 760 KB, 4000x3000

Full Spectrum, Polarizer,
Special Long pass Yellow,
Orange Ring Filter System

White Polarizer, White
Power, UV1 (UVA), Blue 1,
Cyan, Green Ring Light System

Built in Lithium Battery

Photo scale cap
for Darkroom


• UV(UVA) VIS and Polarizer High Resolution Multispectral Camera:
• 12MP Full HD UV-VIS-Polarized Multispectral Camera
Unique combination of polarized light and polarized camera for auto-glare-free images from any angle


Ring Light System
• White Polarizer
• White Power
• UV1
• Blue 1
• Cyan
• Green

Photoscale Cap

For Dark room
Equipment also includes Type C cable and Adapter


Ring Filter System
• Full Spectrum
• Polarizer
• Special Long Pass Yellow
• Orange

Forensic Software

Special Forenscope Software for cases
• RAW Photography
• Video
• 1:1 Imaging
• Detailed Reports


• Built-in Lithium Battery
• Non-stop real mobility, long working hours***
• Fast-charging Type-C input.
*** Uptime may vary depends on the light system and the light intensity.

Software Features

1:1 Photography

Video Recording





CSI Pro Smartphone