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Why is it an Important part of our Innovations?

One of the most difficult imaging fields, forensic photography can be challenging due to the difficulty in filtering out unwanted light sources. However, the use of ultraviolet (UV) light, near-infrared (NIR) light, and visible light can reveal different types of evidence, such as fingerprints, bloodstains, and body fluids. Using multispectral imaging can help to enhance the visibility of evidence that may not be visible to the naked eye.


However, when we talk about a device capable of imaging in such distinct and specific wavelengths of light, we also talk about a quite advanced and professional technology. That’s where ForenScope kicks in with its unprecedented technology.


As a result of the meticulous works of our R&D team, ForenScope devices are equipped with specially developed camera sensors, lenses, filters, and lights. When all these special technical features and the unique design of ForenScope devices come together, it makes it possible to make imaging in a wide spectrum of wavelengths including UVA-UVB-UVC, Visible and NIR. That’s why ForenScope is a world leader in portable technologies in forensics at all wavelengths from UVA/UVB/UVC to Visible and NIR.


UVC light can be used to image old fingerprints and erase the background, making them more visible meanwhile UVA light can also make the latent fingerprints visible with a special type of sensors.

ForenScope’s multispectral mobile devices for forensic analysis, which include UVA and UVC lights along with other wavelengths of light, provide a perfect solution for forensic photography.

ForenScope devices cover a wide wavelength range of lights and provides high resolution imaging.



Wide spectrum of ForenScope imaging systems offer excellent solutions in NIR for imaging from 700 nm to 1200 nm. ForenScope devices are equipped with particular lenses, filters and lights that enable imaging with NIR light which make them the ideal solution for imaging blood and GSR on complex surfaces and document examination.

ForenScope devices are capable of imaging up to high quality of 48 MP. Their extended range of wavelength spectrum provide them a wide application area from blood detection to latent fingerprint detection to document examination. With their unique design and exclusive components, they are the perfect and irreplaceable solution for crime scenes and laboratories.

UV (~254 nm) can be utilized to reveal certain evidences such as: counterfeit documents and money, fingerprints, semen, blood, sweat, dandruff, etc.

IR (~1.200 nm) is capable of revealing certain evidences such as: identification of different types of inks, sweat, hair, fibers, chemicals, semen and blood.

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