Mobile Multispectral
Fingerprint Detection Set

100% Contactless Fingerprint Imaging


System Features

Environment Friendly
1. Fast & contactless fingerprint imagining
2. Does not require finger print powder,
chemicals, smoke or respirable dust 3. Secures working environment

Evidence Quality
1. No chance of contaminating or destroying the DNA of latent capability within the marker
2. Does not affect or destroy the fingerprint itself allowing the it to be used for DNA analyzes

1. High powered batteries
2. Easy to handle, lightweight device
3. Taking the lab to the scene, not the scene to the lab

4K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet

Forensic Software

Our Special Software Operating System gives below functions:
• Real Time IR / UV(UVC-UVB-UVA)/ VIS Imaging
• RAW or MP4 Video Recording
• RAW or BMP Imaging
• Quick Photo Click button
• Real-time image swipe feature (Auto swipe on white fingerprints
from the black background to the white background)
• Advanced Case and Patient information search and archive platform
• Image archive platform
• Date assignment on images
• Zooming on live image for detailed review
• Image enhancement features
• Convert and save recorded video and images in RAW format and export them.
• Ability to record videos recorded in RAW format in built-in software and save the
photo in RAW format as a new photo.
• Detailed Reporting Feature
• Transfers detailed reports or images via USB or TIF card


UV-VIS-IR Macro Lens
1. UVC Light Group
2. UV-IN Light Group
3. UV-OUT Light Group
4. UV-Pw Light Group
5. Blue Light Group
6. Green Light Group
7. C
8. IR1
9. IR2
10. 254nm
* 6 different Narrowband Led groups can be selected between 254nm ~ 1.050nm!
Handlight (Optional)
1. 6W 254nm Light
2. UV Light Group Spot Light

Portable Terminal

Portable Terminal
• Windows Operating System
• 10’’ FullHD Touch Screen
• Lightweight aluminum body
• TIF card support
• Min. 14.000mAh high-capacity lithium battery
• Wifi


• Instant Replaceable Battery Power Center
• 13.400 mAh high-capacity lithium battery
• Non-stop real mobility, light and lens uptime to 4.5 hours and tablet uptime 2.5 hours
• Fast-charging Type-C input.
• Uptime may vary depends on the light system and the light intensity

Filter System

Ring Filter System
• Standard Ring Filters
• U2C
• U3A
• Band Pass 720nm

Imaging System

Imaging System
• 16.3 MP, 4K Display Feature / IR / UV (UVA-UVB-UVC) / VIS
• Camera Spectral Range 200 - 1100nm ±20nm
• Camera Sensor Number of Effective Pixels: 4655x3515: 16.362.325 (pixels)
• Camera Live Image :1920x1080
• Full HD Picture Size mininum: 4640x3506: 16.267.840 (pixels), 46.5MB (48.803.574 Bayt)
• 4640x3506 resolution BMP and RAW Picture
• 1920x1080 Full HD MP4 and RAW Video recording
• 30mm F3.5 UV lens (Transmission Wavelength (180 nm-1200nm)
• 4cm to infinity focus
• Aperture: f /3.5
• Digital Zoom Function which works with software

Contactless Fingerprint


4 Different Narrow Band Led Groups for high coaxial imaging
• White Light Group
• Blue Light Group
• Green Light Group
• Red Light Group


• 20,000mAh plug-in high-capacity
lithium battery
• Non-stop real mobility. uptime to 8 hour
• Fast-charging Type-C input • Fast-charging Type-C input.
• Uptime may vary depends on the light system and the light intensity

Imaging System

Imaging System
• 32.5 MP CMOS sensor & capable of RAW imaging
• Image Recording Size: 24MP: 6000x4000 resolution, 12MP: 4320x2880 resolution,
6MP: 2880x1920 resolution, 4MP: 2304x1536 resolution and 0.3MP: 720x480 resolution.
5 different resolutions • Fully Operational one touch Auto focus
• Monochrome & Color Imaging
• 45cm close range imaging
• TF card support for easy data transfer

Fingerprint Detection Set