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forensic imaging

27 April 2023

Use of Infrared and X-Rays in Artworks We are impressed when we … Read more

10 November 2020

Anogenital Examination All skin surfaces of the victim should be examined and … Read more

20 October 2020

? We have a new blog post on the results of a … Read more

20 October 2020

Our scientific partner True Forensic Science Academy in Chile has conducted a … Read more

12 October 2020

In cases of sexual assault, the evidence needs to be gathered and … Read more

23 September 2020

Forenscope is continuously working hard to create a better, safer and a … Read more

23 September 2020

Forenscope is teaming up with Criminalistica Moderna on a webinar on Forenscope’s … Read more

10 September 2020

?Our bestseller Mobile Multispectral Forensic Tablet just got an amazing hardware update! … Read more

10 September 2020

?Definition of tiny but mighty, CSI Pro Smartphone! ?This is one of … Read more

20 August 2020

We’re delighted to be featured on the August 2020 issue of Evidência … Read more

4 August 2020

We’re quite thrilled to see our 4K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet and … Read more

17 July 2020

We’d like to share this video showing the use of Forenscope 4K … Read more

30 June 2020

We’re excited to showcase our new plug-in Forensic Light & Filter System … Read more

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