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Sample projects that can be produced in Global and Nationwide basis with ForenScope
Health Ministries

• Public basis skin cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Follow-up Systems’ development projects
• Public basis Cervical Screening, Diagnosis and Follow-up Systems’ development projects
• First step health systems (Eye, otorhinolaryngology, dental etc.) Imaging, Diagnosis and Follow-up systems’ development project


Medical Sciences, Engineering Faculties (Electronics control systems, Geology, Botanic, Textile, Metal, etc.) for very different types of projects, different projects will be produced and project partnerships will be supported with:

• Governmental Institutions
• Local technology companies that are in collaboration with Governmental Institutions
• Global System manufacturers
• Medical Device or Chemical Producer manufacturers
• Mobile device manufacturers’ Project and R&D departments
• Telecommunication firms’ Project departments
• Hospital Groups’ Project producers
• Universities etc. Project producers

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