Forenscope is attending the 2020 AAFS 72nd Annual Scientific Meeting!

Don’t miss the chance to see live technical demonstrations of our unique technologies at the 2020 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting!

The event will take place in at Anaheim Convention center in Anaheim, California on February 17-22 and will be attended by world-renowned field professionals and will showcase the most advanced cutting-edge technology of the profession and that includes ours.

Forenscope team will be showcasing our newly launched SAFE Smartphones along with CSI and Patrol Smartphones, Forensic Tablet and our Fingerprint detection set. We look forward to meeting all the attendees as well as the exhibitors whom we are sure we can gain from their experience, and they from ours.

We are ForenScope, we are always in research, always in development for the future of forensic science!

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