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Identifying Burned Bones at Staffordshire University in United Kingdom!

Human remains are very vital in forensic investigations as it contains valuable information to ascertain the identity of the victim. Burnt bones, for example, is considered extremely difficult because the properties of the bone changes during burning that results to extreme deformation and fragmentation that makes the laboratory testing difficult. In order to solve this, requiring not only well-equipped skills of investigators, but also applied methods in the form of technologies such as imaging is important.

Forenscope’s Exclusive European Distributor visited and collaborated with Staffordshire University in United Kingdom. They examined burned bones for identification and determine if fire accelerants were used in arson/fire scene using our Mobile Multispectral Forensic Tablet.

The imaging results were remarkable, and they are amazed how our device captured sensitive and important forensic data in such condition.

Thank you to Staffordshire University for the great opportunity.

Forenscope, R&D for the future!

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