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Tecavüz ve Cinsel Saldırı ile İlgili Vakaları İncelemek için Adli Polarize Kolposkop Kullanmanın Avantajları

Advantages of Using a Forensic Polarized Colposcope for Examining Rape and Sexual Assault Related Cases

Proper collection and documentation of evidence in rape and sexual assault cases flawlessly. Forensic evidences, such as identified injuries, blood, sputum and semen. attacker.

To prevent loss of evidence, confusion and further traumatizing the patient, it is recommended to get the most out of a single forensic physical examination. This can include documenting bite marks, collecting blood, sputum, semen or other biologic remnants of the attacker (such as clothing, menstrual pads, napkins, condoms.).

To achieve this, a forensic colposcope can provide the necessary advantages.

Some of these advantages can include;

  • Enabling microscopic examination of body parts after sexual assault, it minimizes the confusion and false-positives, thus increasing the degree of accuracy. Considering the importance of this matter in a legal way, this feature of forensic colposcope is very crucial.
  • Outputting the data as a * RAW image format which is legally accepted internationally, it prevents altering on the collected evidence, keeping it secure.
  • Enabling non-invasive and contactless examination, it prevents loss of evidence and further traumatizing the patient.
  • Enabling a safe way of sharing a case with a special software.
  • Because of its innovative software, RAE images can be performed with harder cases (eg, pediatric cases).
  • Patient data and reports can be exported as a pdf file which supports high resolution images.
  • The software provides high security because it works with a local system.
  • All of the data is encrypted and stored in the device, so it cannot be lost.

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