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8K Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet

No Powder

No Chemicals

Real Time (UVC - UVB - UVA / VIS / IR) Live Imaging

45.9 MP Multispectral 8K Camera

100% Contactless Fingerprint Imaging

Evidence Quality

1. 8K does not contaminate with the evidence or destroy it thanks to its 100% contactless imaging capability.

2. Allows for detection without requiring any powder or chemicals.

Environment Friendly

1. Fast & contactless fingerprint imaging

2. Does not require fingerprint powder, chemicals, smoke or respirable dust

3. Secures working environment for the investigator


1. High powered batteries

2. Easy to handle, lightweight device

3. Solving the case in the very scene of crime!

All in One.

All-in-one compact system including continuous real-time imaging and fully automatic control via software.

ForenScope CMS
(Case Management System)


• Real-time UV (UVC / UVB / UVA) / VIS / IR Imaging Capability with 8K Resolution
• Video recording in RAW format
• Ability to take instant and rapid RAW photos
• Zooming on live image for a detailed review


• ForenScope developed Case Management System
• Multi-user support
• Advanced Case information search and archive platform
• Image enhancement features

Export & Report

• Convert images to different formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, WSQ, and TIFF and export them.
• Create detailed Case Reports and export them via USB.
• Converting RAW videos to MP4 format and reporting easily and instantly.
• Send Reports in 1:1 Format

Light and Filter
Light and Filter

It is possible to automatically change light and filter
combinations through the specialized ForenScope software. (Or manually, if preferred.)

Imaging <small>(Optional)</small>
Imaging (Optional)

Imaging fingerprints in actual size with 1:1 feature and
exporting at a customized DPI value that is suitable for the AFIS system applicable in your country.


Automatically add and save light and filter information
to the metadata for each captured image.


Measuring, edit, compare, overlapping, adding digital filters and
various image enhancement functions.

Ability to export in different formats






Crystal – Clear Imaging!

Portable Terminal

Carry and transfer the information anywhere you go.
8 GB RAM &TF Card Support

Amazing speed and access.

10.5’’ PixelSense Touch Screen

Perfect detailed imaging.

Windows OS

and integrated ForenScope CMS


Non-stop real mobility and 65W Fast charger with type-c input

WiFi + Bluetooth and GPS
WiFi + Bluetooth and GPS

Uninterrupted anytime, anywhere.

Lightweight Aluminum Body

High-quality impact resistant.

Imaging System

From knives to your coffee table, from the parquets to your flight ticket no trace can be missed.

45.9 MP

8K Display Feature

/ \


RAW Image &
RAW Video

8176 x 5616: 45.916.416 (px)

Camera Sensor Number of Effective Pixels

Transferring fingerprint images in 1500 - 1000 - 500 DPI suitable for AFIS System.

Saving & exporting fingerprints on the actual size.

30mm ForenScope F3.5 UV lens
(Transmission Wavelength)

180 - 1200nm ±20nm

Camera Spectral Range

4 cm to infinity focus •
Aperture: f / 3.5

Zoom function that is integrated into the software



Before After
Before After

Flight Ticket

Before After


Before After


Before After

Hand Rails

Before After


Before After

Thermal Paper

Before After


Before After

Medicine Package

Before After

Frosted Glass (Shower Cabin)

Before After
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