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World’s first mobile Document & Art Examination Device

Real Time
UV/VIS/IR Imaging

Aluminum Body

More than 16,7 million wavelength combinations!


High quality photo and video recording

Image Size: 4160 x 3120

Zoom on live image

One touch auto focus in millisecond

The power to illuminate from 39 different places.
The power to illuminate from 39 different places.

Thin touch,
strong usage.

7.9" high
resolution screen


Case Management System
Case Management System

Multiple cases can be created through the ForenScope software, thus you can store the data of different cases on the system without interfering with each other.

Smart Search Button
Smart Search Button

Customized buttons that allow an easy search for potential evidence on Cheque, Money, Passport, ID Card, Forged & Altered Documents and Counterfeit Works of Art on different surfaces with a single touch

Optional date, time, location, and filter & light stamps on the image.

Unique real time image comparison

Multi-user support and easy case management

Secure connection for data protection.

Backup and restore

Fast viewing button

Passport compare mode (optional)

Android operating system and integrated Forenscope CMS

Various image enhancement functions

Measuring, drawing, digital filters and much more...

Versatile, world-class design.

High-quality impact resistant,
lightweight aluminum body.


Easily Changeable Lens Systems

Macro and Micro lens system for detailed inspection.

Illuminated Copy Stand

DocEx System provides easy visualization of invisible evidence thanks to the illuminated copy stand that provides backlighting.


Handheld terminal that can do uninterrupted imaging with a nonstop camera for up to 6 hours with a one charge.

65W fast charge

At every crime scene.



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