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Enhanced innovation for SAFE SYSTEM use for imaging, recording
and archiving physical evidence in sexual crimes.

SAFE Systems

SAFE - Sexual Assault Forensic Examination, Mobile Multispectral Video and Archive System for Forensic Medicine

System Advantages

Multispectral fully automatic narrowband light system does not have UV LEDs

Non-invasive technique for contactless and safe examination

One touch green narrowband LEDs increase vascular discrimination without light, and it's not artificial

System Features

Auto-manual focus and auto zoom for depth control

Integrated Software

Optical System

Customized optical system for close range imaging for Forensic Medicine

Data Security

Light & Filter System

Customized multispectral light and filter system for unobtrusive details

From 1x to 200x zoom during examination

Photo & Video recording

Accurate & Sharp Full HD Live Image

Unique Polarised Multispectral Forensic Cameras

• VIS and Polarised Standard Camera (400-700nm ± 20nm)
• UV-VIS-IR and Polarised Pro Camera (300-1100nm ± 20nm)

Forensic Sexual Assault Examination System

• Multispectral Camera autofocuses to the patient’s position from different distances
• Easy, hands-free usage through integrated adjustable and lockable camera arm
• Fully compatible software allows you to take the patient photo or video with foot pedal
• Video recording and editing section for the patients that are difficult to control
(child & mentally disabled patients)
• It’s simple to take screenshots from the video and save them to the patient file.
The software allows you to save the images from the videos.

Data Security

• Forenscope software works locally to provide high security.
The system neither collects, shares nor stores the forensic data.
• Forensic data is encrypted and stored on your own storage device,
another department cannot even access your data.
• System allows multiple users. Data privacy is guaranteed by authorized system.
• You never lose access to your forensic data.

Integrated software

• Create a separate case for each Patient
• Search engine
• High-resolution images
• Full HD video recording
• Built-in Video Edit Software
• Side-by-side photo viewing for comparison
• Digital Filter Module
• Report Module without compromising photo quality
• Pathological Image Archiving
• Image transfer feature to a second screen
• Simple and secure backup and system restore feature
• CD or DVD record option

Foot Pedal

• Fully compatible software allows you to take the patient photo or video with foot pedal


Latent Seminal Stains on Pubic Hair

Before After
Before After

Latent Seminal Stains on Skin

Before After

Latent Seminal Stains on Underwear

Before After

Anus Examination

Before After

Vagina Examination

Before After

Bite Marks

Before After


Before After
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