Mobile Multispectral Forensic Tablet

Designed for crime scene investigation
evidence searching

Tech Specs

The world’s first Evidence Friendly Mobile Blood, GSR and Body Fluids Detection system.
This high-tech integrated mobile device detects Invisible potential blood spots, gunshot
residues, body fluids such as semen, saliva and urine on dark or complex surfaces.

System Features

Professional Portable
PAD Terminal

Dynamic Software

High Quality Interchangeable
Camera Lenses

Changeable Battery
Power Source

One touch UV/VIS/IR
Imaging System

Interchangeable Narrow
Band Pass and Long Pass
Filter System


When this button is clicked, the user will be guided to the spectral range section.


Camera with x4 digital zoom and is capable
of detecting invisible evidence
with a spectral range of 330~1080nm.

Filter System

For Image Sharpness
• Yellow optical coating filter*
• Orange optical coating filter*
• Violet (Purple) 415nm Bandpass filter for Blood Detection
Red optical coating filter for Fingerprint Micro Lens & optional specific filters*
*Please contact ForenScope exclusive distributors for more details


UV-VIS-IR Macro Lens
White Light Group
UV-A Light Group
Violet Light Group
Blue Light Group
Infrared1 Light Group
Infrared2 Light Group

UV-VIS-IR Micro Lens
White Light Group
UV-A Light Group
Violet Light Group
Blue Light Group
Infrared1 Light Group
Infrared2 Light Group

UV-VIS Micro Lens (Optional)
White Light Group
UV-A Light Group
Blue Light Group
Cyan Light Group
Green Light Group
Red Light Group


• Unique Real Time Image Comparison
• Quick View button
• Zoom on live image
• Advanced Case or Patient information search & archive platform
• Macro and Micro Image archive platform
• Scale, take notes, add date-time, rotate, crop, draw the image
• Exports detailed report or images via e-mail or USB flash memory
• Colour and Mono Camera Mode
• Backup and more features...


• Instant Replaceable Battery Power Center
• 14,000mAh plug-in high-capacity lithium battery
• Non-stop real mobility, uptime to 8 hours*
• Fast-charging Type-C input
• Suitable for additional battery power source
* Total working hours may vary depending on light band and light intensity used!


• Android Operating System
• 8’’ High resolution IPS screen
• 4G and Wi-Fi
• OTG support for easy transfer
• SIM card slot (Micro SIM card)
• 4.500mAh 3.7V Battery
• Internal memory and TF card support
• High sensitivity touch screen
• Robust lightweight aluminium body and parts

Mobile Multispectral Forensic Tablet