Wildlife Crime Meeting in ZSL London Zoo!

Wildlife crime is a big business run by dangerous international networks to traffic wildlife and animal parts. Forensic scientific methods can be used to obtain more information and collect evidences in wildlife crimes. Our European Exclusive Distributor attended a very important exhibition about illegal wildlife trafficking in the ZSL London Zoo and our mobile devices proved that they are highly capable in the area of wildlife crime!

The ZSL London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo, opened on 1828 with the intention of scientific study collection and was opened to public in 1847.

The ForenScope Mobile Multispectral Tablet and 4K Mobile Multispectral Latent Fingerprint Detection Tablet were used in the exhibition to obtain ridge detail from a number of items that can be used as a proof of a crime including a leopards skull and the hide of a wild cat that had been dried.

We are ForenScope, we are always in research, always in development for the future of forensic science!

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