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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Blood, bloodstains and bloodstain patterns are undeniably most common body fluid of interest in a crime scene. Composed of water, red blood cells, white blood cells, glucose, proteins, hormones and metabolites, it is one of the most important sources of information about the crime that is being inves..

Fingerprint Evidence

We are distinguished from primates and other mammals by many features and one of these features are our hands and how we use them, their place in our history and their place on how we interact with our surroundings, we touch objects around us every day, keyboards of our computers, cups, glasses, door handles, t..

Trace Evidence

As we mentioned trace evidences before in our Crime Scene Investigation post, trace evidences are mostly very small fragments of physical evidence such as fabric or carpeting fibers, hairs, pieces of glass or any other objects and these trace evidences can help to build the story of what happened and how happened. ..