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Digital Forensic

Digital Forensic Digital forensics is the branch of forensic science that focuses on identifying, obtaining, processing, analyzing, and reporting electronically stored data. Electronic evidence is a component of nearly all criminal activity, and digital forensics support is essential for law enforcement investigations. Digital forensics ..

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Palm Print Identification in Forensic Sciences

Palm Print Identification in Forensic Sciences Palm prints are generally considered an identification by forensic scientists. Identification with palm fingerprints has become an essential tool in identifying criminal suspects. Law enforcement estimates that about a third of crime scene scars come from the palms of the hands. Palm identificat..

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Tire Track & Footprint

Footprint &Tire Track Traceology is a discipline that develops scientific and technological tools to uncover, preserve and examine traces to clarify situations that can aid in the investigation and prevention of crime. Traces are classified as trace-reflections, trace-objects and trace substances. Shoe marks and tire marks belong to the trac..

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