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Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing Forensic Nursing is defined as the practice of nursing for the application of forensic health care in the scientific investigation of forensic cases. Forensic nurses are both members of the healthcare team and one of the staff who supports while resolving forensic cases. The working areas of forensic nurses include interpers..

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Crime Scene Investigation with Smartphone

Crime Scene Investigation with Smartphone Crime scene investigation (CSI) is one of the most important steps in solving the cases. In order to enlighten a crime, It is necessary to collect evidence by examining it with appropriate equipment and methods by experts in the field where the crime was committed. Nowadays, with the developmen..


New Research on Evaluating Semen Stains Using Forensic Imaging Technology

Evaluating the persistence of laundered semen stains on fabric using a forensic light source system, prostate-specific antigen Semiquant test and DNA recovery-profiling Sukriye Karadayi1 , Elnaz Moshfeghi2, Tulin Arasoglu2 and Beytullah Karadayi3Medicine, Science and the Law 0(0) 1–9The Author(s) 2020โ€จArticle reuse guidelines: sa..

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