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ForenScope was at the GCC Forensics Science Conference!

ForenScope was at the GCC Forensics Science Conference!

It was attended by forensic experts and high-ranking officials from the Bahraini Ministry of Interior; who were all fascinated by our unique devices!

Our Mobile Multispectral Forensic Tablet's ability to detect invisible evidence astonished the visitors; who were awestruck by GSR and Body Fluids; especially when we showcased the device's usage on samples dating back more than 3 years and still achieved great results!

Our Fingerprint Set; the 4K tablet which is used on non-reflective surfaces, and the Contactless system. We showcased both devices, detecting multiple fingerprints from different time intervals. Our visitors were astonished when we detected a perfect fingerprint on a mirror sample dating back more than one year!

Newly launched devices: the CSI Smartphone and the Patrol Smartphone were described as “revolutionary” devices for contactless fingerprint imaging.

We are glad that our products keep exceeding people's expectations!

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