Smart Sperm Detection

In cases of sexual assault, the evidence needs to be gathered and documented perfectly. This evidence may be such as injuries on the victim’s body, bite marks, blood, sputum, semen, or other biological debris (such as clothing, menstrual pads, napkins, condoms), and hymen injuries. It would be appropriate to do these procedures during a single forensic examination to avoid further traumatization of the victim and loss of evidence. A multispectral imaging device is required for the detection of this evidence the microscopic and macroscopic imaging of the body parts for DNA sampling, and the proper collection of material from the reflection points. It prevents the loss of evidence by enabling non-invasive and contactless examination.

Fig. Sperm sampling on naval

In cases of sexual assault, the most reliable method for detecting the attacker is DNA analysis. In addition, DNA is a specific indicator for individuals in forensic cases, it is very important to obtain it. DNA samples can be obtained from any organic material containing cells such as blood, semen, epithelium. Since such organic materials cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is necessary to use multispectral imaging devices containing different wavelength light sources and filters. Determining the area to be sampled could be very challenging in many cases. During the examination, the most appropriate devices should be used to perform this procedure quickly and without traumatizing the victim.

Biological materials can be collected from the victim’s body, clothing, or crime scene. During the fixed camera examination, the victim must have a whole-body scan and the victim must constantly change position, which can be quite challenging. However, with a mobile device like SAFE Pro Smartphone, biological material-evidence scanning can be done in the whole body at once without traumatizing the person. A properly equipped mobile device can provide the necessary advantages for both the patient and the healthcare professional performing the exam, and this device must be designed to display in hard conditions and distances. SAFE Pro Smartphone is a mobile phone-sized (6”) and easily suitable for one-handed use and provides the opportunity to be used in all kinds of difficult conditions.

Fig. Sperm sampling on the vulva

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to detect stains on clothes. For example, it is not possible to see a small bloodstain on black underwear or a semen stain on white underwear with the naked eye. It can be quite easy to detect biological materials with multispectral imaging devices such as SAFE Pro Smartphone in fabrics of different colors and textures. When viewing the fabric examined using the correct wavelength and light filter, the pattern, and color in the background can be completely lost and only the stain can be shown. In this way, the localization of the biological material can be determined most accurately and sampling can be done from the right place.

It will be very useful to use the SAFE Pro Smartphone for sample collection during crime scene investigation. To avoid loss of evidence, the entire crime scene should be scanned quickly and completely. It is important to detect biological materials that are not visible to the naked eye in these areas and take samples for DNA analysis to detect the attacker. It is possible to take images and take samples at the same time with the “Smartphone”. In order not to lose important evidence such as DNA and to take samples in the most accurate way, it is necessary to use technological devices such as the SAFE Pro Smartphone.

In addition, to prevent loss of evidence, evidence of the attacker we expect to find, such as bite marks, blood, sputum, semen, or other biological residues (such as menstrual pads, napkins, condoms), must be detected during the same examination. Since different biological materials can be imaged in different wavelengths of light sources and different filters, a mobile device is needed where they are all together. SAFE Pro Smartphone is a mobile device that is all in one.

Fig. Sperm sampling on the vulva

Stains containing biological material can sometimes be very small. Very small spots can be on the hair or in the folds of the body. It will be very useful to use a device with optical zoom to detect these stains. SAFE Pro Smartphone has a polarizer high-resolution multispectral camera and Ring Light System which includes White Polarizer, White +, Blue1 lights with different wavelengths (360 to 720 nm). It allows you to detect very small stains on any surface easily.

The images obtained while performing all these operations should be recorded and screened for re-examination when necessary. SAFE Pro Smartphone can save images in high resolution as RAW format. High-resolution images provide the opportunity to examine again and more in detail either on the SAFE Pro Smartphone or on the computer after the examination is completed. The RAW file is a collection of unprocessed data. This means the file has not been altered, compressed, or manipulated in any way by the computer. Therefore, the RAW format is the most reliable file format known in international justice systems and is accepted as evidence in courts.

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