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24th All lndia Forensic Science Conference!

ForenScope Team participated in 24th All India Forensic Science Conference our exclusive distributor in India. We have enhanced the knowledge of the forensic scientists in latest forensic technologies like our Mobile Multispectral System, and it was a privilege to demonstrate to The Honorable Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh, who has expressed how this innovative technology will mark the difference for Indian Police.

We also had a meeting with the Special Commissioner of Police, Women Safety and Modernization, Delhi Police. Our focus was on Women Safety, and especially in Rape Case Investigation on the VICTIM, SCENE OF CRIME and the SUSPECTS with Forenscope device and we proved that the identification, collection and submission of evidence are matching scientific methods and is all digital!

We are ForenScope, we are always in research, always in development for the future of forensic science!

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