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16 December 2022

Now Uganda is the newest country to have unique ForenScope Technologies! The … Read more

13 February 2018

Together with our exclusive distributor in Europe, we participated in Forensic Europe … Read more

11 February 2018

Thank you for visiting us at the Emirates International Forensic Conference & … Read more

11 February 2018

Forenscope has launched The World's First Mobile 200-1100nm Multispectral Contactless Fingerprint Tablet: … Read more

11 February 2018

ForenScope team attended the AAFS 70th Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle, Washington … Read more

12 January 2018

ForenScope Team participated in 24th All India Forensic Science Conference our exclusive … Read more

11 January 2018

Along with our Malaysian distributor, we have conducted a training about ForenScope … Read more

11 December 2017

A trip has been organized for our the United Arab Emirates distributor … Read more

11 November 2017

We had participated in the Gulf Cooperation Council Forensic Science Conference was … Read more

11 May 2017

Forenscope Forensic Devices have been introduced Forensics Europe Expo Conference held in … Read more

11 April 2017

First mass-production devices of ForenScope multispectral Tablet and ForenScope Mobile multispectral Contactless … Read more

11 March 2017

Forenscope Team introduced the First mass-production devices of ForenScope multispectral Tablet and … Read more

11 September 2016

ForenScope R&D team namely; Prof. Dr. Mete Korkut Gülmen, Prof. Dr. Selim … Read more

11 June 2016

We were in Beijing at China International Exhibition on Police Equipment between … Read more

11 December 2015

First prototypes of ForenScope Multispectral Tablet and ForenScope Mobile Multispectral Contactless Fingerprint … Read more

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