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ForenScope Technologies are now available in Georgia!

The crucial multidisciplinary aspect of a forensic investigation combines many different areas of sciences from optics to biology even informatics. Because of this aspect, the legal system and law enforcement professionals have always used forensic sciences to get the fairest outcome both for victims and the perpetrators, but the reach to forensic sciences was not always as easy as today. The usage of high technology devices in the crime scene was not always accessible because of their size and hardship of usage. Today with the unique technology behind our devices we provide the best crime scene investigation possible with our day's capabilities.

We are now in Georgia!

All Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine professionals from Georgia Police, Military Forces, Ministry of Defense or Private corporations can easily contact us for more information about our products and distribution channel via [email protected]

We are ForenScope, we are always in research, always in development for the future of forensic science!

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